Daycare Centers

Educational services rendered at Day Care Centers seek to increase the knowledge base of each child, boost his/her academic skills and raise their awareness of various aspects, environments and systems surrounding them.

Al-Jahra Governorate


The center was inaugurated on 5th December 1993, occupying an area of 11211 m², of which 3149 m² constitute building space. It has recently been expanded by an additional 1000 m².

The building comprises two sections; one has been designated for development disorders, while the other caters to multiple handicap children. It includes classrooms, physical therapy areas, occupational therapy rooms, a therapeutic pool, examination rooms and psychological evaluation rooms. Also available are training workshops, a theater and a library. The building is surrounded by green space, gardens and playgrounds that play host to recreational and sports activities.


Al Qasr, Area 3, Nasr Bin Sayyar St.
Telephone: 24588305 – 24586733
Fax: 24588310